Why Talk to us About Abortion?

Are you considering abortion after finding out you’re pregnant? Maybe you never imagined yourself here at this time in your life. You ultimately have the final say with your pregnancy decision, but we’re here to help inform you about the facts of abortion. 

We’re here to listen to your unique journey and offer the best next steps regarding pregnancy confirmation and protecting your health.

We’re Here to Listen

First and foremost, we want you to feel heard regarding your unexpected pregnancy without judgment or pressure. We know it’s not easy what you’re going through, and we’re here to listen. Every woman’s pregnancy journey is unique.

Get the Facts

When it comes to abortion, you deserve to know the facts. There are both physical and emotional effects of abortion. We can share with you more about the types of abortion procedures, the risks, and the potential side effects. 

We can help answer your questions and concerns regarding such a significant decision as abortion. We can also share information about your other options if desired.

Confirm Your Pregnancy

A positive pregnancy test result is insufficient information if you are considering abortion or other pregnancy options. You will need to determine how far along you are, the location of your pregnancy, and confirm viability (if it’s healthy and progressing). You can get all of this information with an ultrasound.

First, confirm your pregnancy to know where your pregnancy stands. After pregnancy testing at our center, we may offer ultrasounds for more details. There is always a chance for pregnancy complications, so it’s essential to get clarity.

At WaterLife, we are here for you for your potential unexpected pregnancy and beyond. Talk in a safe place today about your pregnancy options. Schedule a no-cost and private appointment to get the clarity you need.

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