My partner is pressuring me to have an abortion but I’m not sure

Is your partner pressuring you into an abortion after finding out you’re pregnant? You may not be sure about abortion and are interested in other options. Abortion is not your only option; you can also choose parenting or making an adoption plan.

A pregnancy decision requires a great deal of thought and preparation. No one can force you into a decision you don’t want to make. We at WaterLife PCC offer a safe and non-judgmental space for you to learn and understand all your options.

Should I Parent?

Parenting is a challenging decision, and you must consider several factors. Providing a child with a stable, secure home is critical, and you must meet their material and emotional needs.

Perhaps you are unsure about whether you’d make a good parent. Consider these questions as you weigh your options:

  • Would I co-parent with my partner?
  • Do I have a steady job and access to childcare?
  • What support systems are in place?
  • Would my child have food, clothing, and shelter?
  • Can I provide my child with love, compassion, and support?

Choosing to parent can seem intimidating. WaterLife PCC provides parenting support, education, and more.

Is Adoption the Right Choice?

Much about adoption has changed in recent years. You can now participate in every step of the adoption process, choose the adoptive parents, and receive financial and material support.

Multiple adoption plans are available, including open, semi-open, and closed adoptions. Each plan allows a different level of contact—a closed adoption offering complete confidentiality and an open adoption creating an opportunity to bond with your child.

The adoption decision is entirely up to you, but adoption agencies can help you navigate the options and determine the best choice.

Our client advocates can discuss adoption with you and provide referrals to reputable organizations. We won’t pressure you to make a specific decision.

Schedule a free, private appointment today to confirm your pregnancy with us and learn about all your options. Remember, the decision is yours at the end of the day.

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